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Review of the July/August 1999 Yule Log

Feature Articles

  • "Madonna Stamp from National Cathedral"... Rev. Wilmer Bloy, CPC #1363, describes the stained glass window from the National Cathedral which is depicted on the 1980 Madonna and Child stamp. The window is part of one of the windows in the Bethlehem Chapel, one of the first parts of the cathedral to be finished. The Cathedral took 83 years to build and is the sixth largest in the world.

  • "Christmas Confusion"... Janet Klug, CPC #1593, relates the difficulties one might have sorting through the Australian 1971 Christmas issue. Even with the help of various catalogues it can be rather confusing. Janet has suggestions for catalogue publishers to make it easier for the collector to figure out the catalogue numbers of each stamp by standardizing their listings. For collectors who want the challenge of reconstructing a half pane of the issue, Janet lists the arrangement by Scott numbers.

  • "Some Interesting Cancels"...William Kurylak, CPC #347, illustrates some pictural postwarks from Austria and Bethlehem, KY.

  • "The Challenge of the Century"...James D. Galceran describes his plate number and position collection of the 1968 United States Christmas issue (Scott #1363). 605 positions. Right now his collection is missing three sides, 30531, 30564 and 30578 - all right side positions. Dr. Bob Rabinowitz wrote an article on this subject, titled "Mission Impossible." James considers it the "Challenge of the Century" for the plate number collector!

  • "A Christmas Tree of Italian Postmarks"... Marc Collage, CPC #947, illustrates 1998 Christmas postmarks from Italy.

  • "TOPS Topics on Postmarks"... Allan Hauck, CPC #999, illustrates and describes 1998 pictorial postmarks from Great Britain, Isle of Mann, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the United States.

  • "Just a Sip" - Religion on Christmas Stamps"... Rev. Frank Pieper, CPC #1051, continues to share his enjoyment of collecting Religion on Christmas stamps with readers of the Yule Log. In this issue, Rev. Pieper describes and illustrates stamps showing the Nativity comparing the accounts given by St. Luke and St. Matthew.

  • 'Round the World Christmas Covers...Richard Beecher, CPC #987, illustrates and describes two covers with unusual uses of the 1964 United States Christmas issues.

  • Christmas Philatelic Club Auction - Mary Turner and Richard Sartor describe 135 lots of Christmas philatelic material. Many lots are illustrated. This auction includes worldwide stamps, worldwide First Day Covers, Christkindl covers, Russian Postal Stationery, Ship Covers, Seals, Meters, Canadian Seal Sheets, Brazil letter cards, Pere Noel Replies from France, Japan Santa Reply letter, Italy Postmarks and Miscellaneous Christmas items.

  • Yule Log Index and Cross Reference...information how to obtain a copy of the Index from CPC Vice-President Ed Kalasa. The index is a listing of articles which have appeared in the Yule Log from 1969-1998. Index Ordering Information

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The Yule Log is edited by Jon Mills of Ottawa, Ontario. Christine Sanders of Englewood, Florida is the club's current president.

The invitation to membership in the Christmas Philatelic Club is open to any Christmas topical philatelist who is seriously interested in associating with those who collect likewise.

Current dues are $20 per year for persons living in North America. Other Countries: $30.00 (US funds). Send an international money order in US dollars.

Applications for membership are available from Secretary/Treasurer Jim Balog, PO Box 744, Geneva, Ohio 44042-0744 USA or complete this Application Form and send it to the secretary's address..


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