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Celebrate Christmas all year long.....
Join the
Christmas Philatelic Club


P.O. Box 744

Geneva OH

Contact CPC by email for information

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The Founding of CPC

Read about CPC's 25th Anniversary Celebration

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Celebrate Christmas
all year long...

Join the
Christmas Philatelic Club

Membership Benefits:                                                        Top
  • Annual subscription to the Yule Log,
    the Club's award winning quarterly journal **

  • Two free 25-word ads per year in the Yule Log

  • Exhibit Mentoring Service - CPC member Denise Stotts will critique photocopies of members' exhibits. Anyone sending photocopies, please include return postage.

  • Get togethers

  • Fun and friendship

  • Dues - $20 per year if a resident of North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico).
    Elsewhere: $30 (U.S. funds). Note: Dues can be paid on line.

The Christmas Philatelic Club cordially invites you to join the friendly and helpful group of collectors who all specialize in Christmas philatelic material.

View the CPC Membership Brochure

** For a sample issue of the Yule Log, send $3.00 to:

CPC c/o Jim Balog
P.O. Box 744

Geneva OH

The Christmas Philatelic Club is an affiliate of the American Topical Association and is American Philatelic Society Affiliate #74.

Print out or or download this one page APPLICATION FORM for membership.

Annual Dues are $20 for North American residents, and $30 elsewhere. Dues are payable in the month of January. Those joining in other months pay a prorated amount as follows, or pay for a full year and receive back issues.
  North America Outside
of North America
Jan/Feb/Mar $20.00 $30.00
April/May/June $15.00 $22.50
Jul/Aug/Sept $ 10.00 $15.00
Oct/Nov/Dec $25.00 * $37.50*
* includes the next year of dues

If outside the United States, please send a Check or Money Order in U.S. funds. Please send the completed APPLICATION with a check or money order payable to "Christmas Philatelic Club" (or CPC).
Mail to:
CPC c/o Jim Balog
P.O. Box 744

Geneva OH 44041-0744

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Those who are online may now pay dues with a credit card, via a service called PayPal. While CPC does not have a credit card or a merchant account, dues can be sent to me (Jim Balog ) via PayPal. I will in turn credit your CPC dues.

First, you must register at the PayPal web site Then log on to PayPal and give instructions about how much to pay, and to whom. PayPal credits the person you are paying and debits your card. (No credit card numbers are exchanged between the parties.) Registration for international users is easy and free and all transactions are in US DOLLARS.

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For further information or comment, please contact:
Christmas Philatelic Club at:
P.O. Box 744

Geneva OH 44041-0744

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