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Review of the September/October 2001 Yule Log

Feature Articles

  • "Freedom & Stamps" by Bob Buetow, CPC #1608.

  • "Christmas Songs"... contest to guess 25 popular Christmas song titles

  • "The Character of Christmas Postage" by Robert Behncke, CPC #1627 ... Robert describes different themes that are portrayed on Christmas stamps and illustrates several different Christmas stamps.

  • Christmas Philatelic Club's 2002 & 2003 Annual Meetings

  • "Round the World Christmas Covers" by Richard Beecher, CPC #987... illustrates and discusses two covers that use the 1970 toy precancels. The stamp was deemed void for use after January 31, 1971 but later the USPS rescinded the order after collectors and the mailing public complained.

  • "Bob's Column" by Robert A. Haslewood, CPC #860 . . . Bob answers questions posed by readers of his column.

  • "Need Help Uncovering This Cover" by Christina Howland-Stitt ...Christine illustrates two Christmas postmarks she would like more information about.

  • "Christmas Island Aerograms" by Ann Keniston, CPC #1607...Ann illustrates and describes some of the lovely aerograms issued by Christmas Island, Indian Ocean.

  • Yule Log Index and Cross Reference...information how to obtain a copy of the Index from CPC President Ed Kalasa. The index is a listing of articles which have appeared in the Yule Log from 1969-1999. Index Ordering Information

To see some of the regular columns in the Yule Log, return to the Yule Log page.

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The Yule Log is edited by Jon Mills of Ottawa, Ontario. Christine Sanders of Englewood, Florida is the club's current president.

The invitation to membership in the Christmas Philatelic Club is open to any Christmas topical philatelist who is seriously interested in associating with those who collect likewise.

Current dues are $20 per year for persons living in North America. Other Countries: $30.00 (US funds). Send an international money order in US dollars.

Applications for membership are available from Secretary/Treasurer Jim Balog, PO Box 744, Geneva, Ohio 44042-0744 USA or complete this Application Form and send it to the secretary's address..


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For a sample issue of the Yule Log, send $3.00 to
P.O. Box 744

Geneva OH





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