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What's in the
July/August/September 2008 Yule Log?

Feature Articles

  • "Christmas Naval Covers " . . .Christina H. Stitt ... Christina shows why Christmas collectors might be interested in naval covers. Several covers are illustrated in colour. Naval Cover Museum

  • "A Visit to Christmas Florida, March 28, 2008 !" ... by Christine C. Sanders CPC #1766 ... a delightful well-illustrated travelogue of Christina's visit to the Christmas, Florida. She visited the sites she had seen on covers and postcards from her collection. She even left Christmas with a uniquely created cover to commemorate her visit. The moving force behind the Christmas Florida post office for many years, postmistress Juanita Tucker passed away two months after her visit at the age of 101 years.

  • "Richard Beecher's Visit to The London Stampex Show " .. . . by Richard Beecher, CPC #987. Richard describes his visit to Stampex and interesting Christmas covers he found. Covers are illustrated in colour.

  • "An Eames Stamp in a Christmas Collection? " ... by Christina H. Stitt, CPC #810 . . . Christina illustrates a recently issued US Eames stamp and describes how it relates to Christmas.

  • "All-Australian Airmail Service ". . . by Suzanne Yankowski, Suzanne illustrates an air mail flight cover that was flown on a special Christmas flight taking 52,000 pieces of mail from Australia to London. Suzanne gives a lot of interesting background details as to this flight.

  • "I'm in Love with My Newest Christmas Cover" by Christina H. Stitt, CPC #810 ...Christina illustrates and wonders about a Fallasburg Fall Festival Sta., Lowell, MI 49331 "It's Christmas Every Day" cancellation on a Scott's #U157 envelope.

  • "Recap of our CPC Meeting June 6, 2008" Linda Lawrence CPC #1040....Linda mentions who visited the Club Table at Napex. Also members who were at the meeting shared some of their interests.

  • "CPC Covers from the 2006 March Party" . . . now available from Director Joan Klimchalk. Joan is also selling old CPC covers at a discount. 20 for $15.
  • "Women Exhibitors Festival for Philatelic Women" A new APS Affiliate, Women Exhibitors (WE) will be hosting a Festival for Philatelic Women at the American Philatelic Center, Bellefonte, PA from May 28-31, 2009. For a brochure or more information contact: Women Exhibitors, 7277 Sparta Road, Sebring, FL 33875. E-mail:

  • "Another Album Closed, and A Life Well Lived - Ed Kalasa CPC #644" ... by Linda Lawrence and Kathy Ward Edward R. "Bud" Kalasa died May 24, 2008. Ed had been a member of our club since 1978. Ed was a big supporter of CPC and always one to volunteer when needed. He enjoyed getting together with CPC members at our annual meetings. He was an avid Christmas cover collector and displayed a large Christmas Village in his home. Ed wrote many interesting articles for the Yule Log, designed CPC covers, served as President and director for several years. Ed took on the task of indexing the Yule Logs to help people find articles in past issues. Ed's cover design for the Napex meeting is illustrated on the back cover of the Yule Log. We will miss you, Ed.

  • "In Memorium: The End of an Era" submitted by Christine Sanders and Tom Reardon...Those of us who collect philatelic items from Christmas, Florida were saddened to learn of the passing of Juanita S. Tucker on Sunday, May 18 at the age of 101. Juanita was the postmaster of the Christmas, Florida Post Office from 1932 to 1974 and began the now famous tradition of adding a small green Christmas tree hand stamp to each piece of mail as it passed through the Post Office during the Christmas Season.

To see some of the regular columns in the Yule Log, return to the Yule Log page.

The Yule Log is edited by Jon Mills of Ottawa, Ontario. Christine Sanders of Englewood, Florida is the club's current president.

The invitation to membership in the Christmas Philatelic Club is open to any Christmas topical philatelist who is seriously interested in associating with those who collect likewise.

Current dues are $20 per year for persons living in North America. Other Countries: $30.00 (US funds). Send an international money order in US dollars.

Applications for membership are available from Secretary/Treasurer Jim Balog, PO Box 744, Geneva, Ohio 44042-0744 USA or complete this Application Form and send it to the secretary's address..


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P.O. Box 744

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