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General Info:

Our programmes are current, factual, hands–on, interactive, and complementary to the Ontario Curriculum for grades JK – 8

Admission: Programme fees vary
Staff and Volunteers are Free
Duration: 2 hours
Morning and afternoon sessions available
Weekend and evening bookings available by request

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Festivals of Light!

Recommended Ages: JK—8
Duration: 2 hours
Admission: $6.00/student (Leaders and volunteers are free)
Available: Spring and Summer 2014 Morning or afternoon sessions

Program Description
Celebrated locally in our communities and in neighbourhoods around the world are many celebrations which make use of light. This programme gives each participant the opportunity to discover many traditions such as: Iroquois Midwinter Ceremony, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali and More!!

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PROGRAMMES OFFERED January to September

Admission: $5.00/student

Orbit the Earth

Recommended Ages: Grades 1–7 (*Excellent for Grade 6 curriculum and Guiding Astronomy badge*)
Duration: 2 hours

Programme Description:
An engaging, hands-on, planetarium-like programme that enables exploration of parts of our solar system including the moon, the stars, and planets. Earth's unique significance to all living things will also be explored. (Excellent for grade 6 curriculum and Guiding Astronomy badge).

The Global Playroom

Recommended Ages: ECE; ages 3 – 5 years
Duration: 1½ hours

Programme Description:
Through play–acting in homes representing traditional lifestyles in a variety of climates, our youngest participants will learn that all people share the same basic needs: food, water, a home to live in, and of course, love.