Technique of Colour Ultraviolet Photography

Four separate images are taken on B&W film or captured with a grayscale digital camera through RED (25), GREEN (58), BLUE (47) and ULTRAVIOLET (403) transmitting filters.  The images are recombined into RED-GREEN-BLUE colour channels in Adobe Photoshop.  The images created from the RED-GREEN-BLUE filters appear as natural as those obtained on colour film or a colour digital camera.  The image from the GREEN-BLUE-ULTRAVIOLET filters are interesting false-colour renditions incorporating the ultraviolet image.

If a colour digital camera is used, only two images are taken, one unfiltered and another through the UV-transmitting filter.  The RED-GREEN-BLUE images can be extracted from the unfiltered colour image using the "split channels" function in PhotoShop.

Last updated April 27, 2009