Colour Ultraviolet QuickCam Images

These images are captured with a grayscale (B&W) QuickCam through red, green, blue and ultraviolet- transmitting filters.  The captured grayscale images are combined with the "merge channels" function in Adobe Photoshop.  The R-G-B composites on the left side appear like images taken with a conventional colour digital camera.  The G-B-U images on the right side are false-color renditions that incorporates the ultraviolet image.  Infrared light was excluded by the built-in IR-blocking filter in the QuickCam.

Red-Green-Blue (R-G-B)                                    Green-Blue-Ultraviolet (G-B-U)

QuickCam Settings
C - contrast
W - white balance
R - red exposure
G - green exposure
B - blue exposure
U - ultraviolet exposure

John W. Wong:
Last updated April 27, 2009