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The Fierce Bunnies are handsewn from de-constructed vintage sweaters made of natural fibres such as angora, lambswool and cashmere. Angora is knitted rabbit fur – essentially the sweaters are being turned back into a bunny form. The bunnies have transformed themselves over and over since their origin in 1994.

These days, the bunnies present themselves in three manifestations: Peanuts (very small), Peepers (medium) and the fully realized Fierce Bunny doll.

Many steps are involved in their creation. The carefully sourced vintage sweaters are prepared individually: they are washed at high temperatures, boiled down, stretched and often dyed (favouring tea). They are then sewn and assembled using a binding technique I have developed over the years using many, many hand stitches. Every last scrap of the vintage sweater is used in production of the bunnies - nothing goes to waste. A cuff will become a small sweater, a mother of pearl button is an adornment and a fabric remnant will become a peanut-sized bunny…

The bunnies have travelled all over the world and live in the homes of many fascinating individuals. They have appeared in magazines, museums, music videos, and movies (most famously Bella’s Twilight bedroom).

These creations support my other artistic practices that have been exhibited and published internationally.