Canadian Amateur  Radio  Station 

                                          October 2007

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Gunther twiddling the dials in his shack                         







 Chief Operator Gunther    


 QTH with 4 element Steppir antenna

4 Element Steppir antenna / elevation 8 ... 23 meters





Instant QSL  has come to Hamradio
here at the official QSL card server,
cost You next to nothing, it is free !!!
QSL  Selfserve  Site  for  VA3GA


Real   " HAM "  Radio



Please visit Toronto today, click here 


Caeptn Gunther on my boat

   One of my other Hobby's is sailing on Lake Ontario

Which one should I drive today: the Buick ... (mountain pass on the way to texas)  or Oliver's Aston Martin? (Oliver's QTH in Brownsville, Texas)

      vacation in San Juan / Puerto Rico (Jan. 2006)    spending my lucrative investment returns in Puerto Rico, Jan 2006

Ham Meeting at Peter (VE3FPM) March 25 / 2006 : left to right: Glenn, Klaus, Wolf, Uwe VE3GEX, myself, Peter VA3PF, Peter VE3FPM, Harry VE3GPE, XYL Kirsten


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VE3KCU , Oliver - quick knee & hip  replacements          

VA3PF, Peter    


Highland Yacht Club