Al Richard VILCIUS

RR#1 Campbellville, Ontario, Canada L0P 1B0

Private telephone: 905.854.2903

e-mail: AL.R@


Canadian Public Official

        under contract as Field Liaison Officer for Elections Canada

        acting as Returning Officer for the Federal Electoral District of Halton to deliver the 38th and 39th general elections

Advancing e-learning, Electronic Commerce & Operational Risk Management

         enabling advanced mathematical materials on the web, for both academic and commercial users, primarily through server-side technology, through leadership in the role of Chief Executive Officer of Web Pearls Inc in Waterloo, Canada.

         participating with an emerging e-learning company in the ground-up conceptualization and design of proprietary, value-added, on-line systems for the storage and delivery of complete management systems for electronic learning.

         providing assistance to senior executives in finance through specialized consulting.

         establishing sound risk management methodology, setting policy, minimum standards, and strategic planning in the area of global risk management for Mondex International Limited.

         leading a team of world-class experts in AI, Computer Science, and Economics in the development of quantitative methods and models such as simulation modelling for operational risk scenario analysis.

         chairing a Risk Management Working Group composed of experts from Mondex participants around the world to develop and communicate both on-chip and off-chip risk management methods.

         Acting Chief Executive for the RBC/CIBC joint venture to establish Mondex e-cash origination in Canadian dollars.

Developing Market Risk Management

         In charge of research and consulting on market risk management theory and practice – developed VaR methodology.

         derivatives training provided in-house by way of formal workshops and training sessions.

         worked on ground-breaking structured deals with line business units:


         First Can $ put contracts - introduced Monte Carlo simulation techniques to quantify risk

         First 3-currency swaps for tier two capital Yen 9 billion

         Innovative securitization of mortgage spreads

         First securitization of base metal program

         advised treasury on gap management techniques on how to migrate from "future risk factors" to value at risk with correlation.

         developed swaps credit equivalency formula: CrEF. - from prototype to production.

         Special Projects for the Investment Bank on market risk, theory and practice.

         part of initial team that founded market risk management at CIBC.

         member of the senior All Bank Risk Management Implementation Team to restructure and redefine risk management at CIBC.

         researched market risk for policy development and provided specialized in-house consulting.

         introduced use of neural nets in financial risk analysis, and use of Symbolic Math prototype tools.

         initiated parameter estimation procedures prototyping and vetting all types of derivatives models.

Managing Lending and Credit

         Responsible for Corporate Lending Account Relationships, Risk Analysis, New Business Development, supervision of Loans Portfolio in excess of $2 billion authorized.

         managed 180 accounts, including Ontario Hydro, Toyota Canada, Kawneer Ltd.

         focused on high-tech business development: example:  Sharp-Reuters financing.

         managed staff of lenders and credit approvers.

         reviewed and recommended on large International natural resource credits, and prepared credit presentations for Committee and the Board.

         approved commercial loans in Ontario Region.

Promoting Biometrics and Smart Security Systems

         Participation at the senior level in the strategic education of both public and private sector enterprises in the theory and applications of off-line systems employing distributed intelligence, and establish "The Missing Link" (biometrics) for security.

Searching for New Directions

         participated in graduate research seminars in mathematics at York University (topos theory and the structure of mathematical sheaves) with a view towards a new understanding of variation.

         researched all types of derivative pricing models.

         participated in academic, technical, and applied finance conferences such as:

McGill University Category Theory Institute

Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences

New York Advanced Trading Technologies

Cornell University Executive development

         organized and led "Chaos group" within CIBC to study non-linearities in finance.

         authored internal proprietary research articles giving theoretical and implementation methodologies.

         conducted research and planning functions in financial comptroller’s department.

         organized Toronto research center for finance with Fields Institute and local universities.


B.Sc. Honours Mathematics, 1970, Magna Cum Laude

Loyola of Montreal (now Concordia University), Montreal, Quebec

Degree granted by the University of Montreal

Loyola Scholarship plus Hamilton Award for High Achievement.

M.Sc. Mathematics, 1972 "First Class" standing.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

National Research Council Centennial Scholarship.

ABD Ph.D. Mathematics, Course Work Completed 1974 - "A" Standing.

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

Degree not granted due to research overlap.

National Research Council and Canada Council Scholarships.


(beginning with most recent, showing start dates at left margin)

Awarded Federal contract

October 2006

Field Liaison Officer (Agent de Liaison Regional) for Elections Canada


Appointment by HER EXCELLENCY the Governor General in Council

December 2003

Returning Officer for the electoral district of Halton


WEB PEARLS Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada February 2001 - April 30 2003

 February 2001 

President & Chief Executive Officer


INDEPENDENT Research and Consulting, August 1998 - January 2001

 May 2000 

Analytics Specialist, acting in the role of captive consultant for Mentor On Call, Inc., Toronto; responsible for the technical, analytics (mathematical structures and metrics) and security components of the distance-learning system, working closely with the System Integrator and Technical Director to ensure that the design of the system will support the security and analytics direction perscribed.

 August 1998 

Risk Management Advisor– various clients



 March 1997 

Senior Vice President, Risk Management



 April 1996

Originator, Mondex, for CIBC and Royal Bank of Canada (joint venture)

 January 1993 

General Manager, Advanced Analytics, Research & Consulting Group

 September 1990

Assistant General Manager, Special Projects, Risk Management Division

 September 1987

Senior Manager, Risk Management Department, Investment Bank 

 January 1987

Manager, Natural Resources Group, Credit Division

 August 1984

Account Manager, Main Branch, Commerce Court 

 July 1982

Inspector, Ontario Region Credit Department 

 November 1979

Manager of Financial Systems & Operations Analysis, Commerce Leasing Ltd.

 April 1978

joined CIBC to do Financial Information Systems Study.


BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, TORONTO, June 1976 - March 1978

 June 1976

Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Comptroller’s Department




Lecturer of Mathematics, King’s College, UWO




Computer Programmer/Analyst, OR&S Division



Private Tel / Fax: 1.905. 854-2903 /-5636

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