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Symbiotic Device Research("SymDR" Explained)




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Symbiotic Devices are artifacts (objects of human creation) that have symbiosis with their users, that is co-exist with humans in an intimate association of mutual advantage.  While it is difficult (perhaps even futile) to imagine advantages for inanimate objects, even though personifications are frequent, it is easy to think of advantages for the human user.  A classic example of a symbiotic device is a bicycle: it works as a transportation device because there is a user, to the users advantage.  A prosthesis is another good example.  Arguably all human creations (particularly computers) could be thought of as symbiotic in some sense.  However, here I am thinking of a new generation of symbiotic devices, both physical and logical, that will give humans further advantages in this electronic "information" age.  I believe results in this area will be achieved in what may appear as a very round-about approach, through research in "The Intelligent Society".  It is in this context that smart cards are a critical element.  Logical tools to investigate and characterize this world include mathematical modeling, simulation, network analysis, and inferencing schemes.  These tools come to life in written expositions, and ultimately in software implementations and business activity.  These are the objectives of the explorations herein.

There is also a concept of "Societal Symbiosis" that needs to be explored for action, the most prominent manifestation being through a meeting of business and academic enterprise, with government to complete the space.

Privatization of key functions such as transportation, communications, highways (both real and virtual), natural and artificial resources, will demand symbiosis.

SymDR wishes to promote advanced thinking for the information age leading to integrated solutions through intelligent resource allocation and coordination.

SymDR is dedicated to the advancement of ideas, tools, and products that can help individuals and corporations achieve progress in the Intelligent Society, using risk management, biometrics, smart cards, robotics, and other advanced products.

  1. FlexiMould™
  2. personal energy generation (PEG)

SymDR is also dedicated to the belief that Math and mathematical thinking can lead to beneficial tangible results

  1. derivative securities (structuring and analysis)
  2. cryptography
  3. advanced logical design
  4. symbolic computation

It is a general mission of SymDR to bring together expertise from both business and academia in a "symbiotic relationship".

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You can kill time without injuring eternity. In the words of Schrödinger [ES]: "For eternally and always there is only now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end."
[ES] Erwin Schrödinger, My View of the World, Cambridge UP, 1964

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The square of arrows here and at the top of this page is a "pullback diagram", a device (or gadget) from  Category Theory.  Here I am "classifying" myself, A, as a subobject in V, the Vilcius Family, Kristin, Erik, and Joanna, to whom I dedicate my work, and to my Dear Mother who died on May 20, 1999.


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