Large indoor arena, 2 rubber matted wash stalls, 4 larger box stalls, lit sand ring, unlit grass ring, huge grass paddocks and many, many more features.







Pasture board — $300 / month +HST

Includes: hay, shelter, water, and group turnout.

Deluxe Outdoor board  $360 / month +HST

Includes: Hay fed in hay shelters, grain (Celestial 13 %) fed once day. Worming done every 3 month, wormers are included in board.  Free access to shelters with a limit of 2 horses in a paddock in small shelters and 3 horses to a paddock in large shelters.  Free access to a heated waterer.  Minerals and salt are included.  Use of all facilities except stalls.  A tack locker is assigned to all boarders.  Additional supplements will be added to feed if supplied by the owner. Our outdoor board also includes at no extra charge, fly spraying, fly masking and blanketing.

Stall board — $480 / month +HST

Includes: hay, grain fed up to twice a day at 6 am and 7 pm, use of all facilities and a stall 11.5 x 13.5.  Stall are mucked daily and picked out throughout the day if the horses are in.  Water buckets in the stalls are cleaned daily.  Horses are turnout in the summer for at least 14 hours and usually 11 hours in the winter.

Training & Lessons +HST

Individual lessons $35, Individual training sessions $35   Monthly lessons,  one lesson a week (4 weeks) — $136 / month
One lesson, plus one training session each week — $260 / for 4 weeks.
Two lessons, plus two training sessions each week — $500 / for 4 weeks.
Full training board is available. Please contact Marie to discuss your needs to determine prices.

Helmets are require on this property regardless of age.