Removing the battery cover from an SB-800 flash

  In response to a request for info on removing the battery cover from this type of flash, I have banged out this really quickie webpage.  Basically, the instructions in the manual for the flash are psychotic.  It feels *very* wrong to bend the door back like that.  I was in a nervous sweat trying to remove the door that way.  Although I didn't, in the end, push hard enough to remove the door that way, I was certain that at least one hinge pin would break.  It just felt awful.  So here's how I removed the door on mine, and I can replace it and remove it on a whim, now.  I have done it almost a dozen times just for *fun*.

  The picture above shows the general procedure.  You grip the door between your thumb and index finger as shown above.

  You open the door 'half way' so that it's at about the angle shown in the image below.  Yes, I know the exposure is off (as is the white balance) but I was in a hurry and wanted the details to be visible even if the colours are not looking true-to-life.

  In the image above I am holding the door at the right angle for removal, but that is not my 'approved grip', it is simply me holding the door in such a way that it is easy to see the angle.  I actually did remove and attach the door a few times with that grip to make sure I had the angle correct for the picture.

  Now you push in as you rock your hand away from you, so that the right hand hinge pin (the one that your index finger is 'pointing at') is pushed into the space inside the flash, and the left hand hinge pin is pulled up and out.  In this shot the left hand hinge pin is actually already out.   You won't need a lot of force, but you will still need *some* force.... it will come out easily, and replacing the door is just as easy... place the right hand hinge pin in its pocket and push it forward and rock your hand towards you and the left hand pin will ride right in where it goes.  When you find 'your groove' you can pop the hinge in and out just by rocking your hand.