Visible Man and Woman Model Kits

The Visible Man and Woman plastic model kits have entertained and educated kids and adults of all ages for 40 years.  Several companies have been involved in the production of these model kits over the years, but they are essentially the same model kits in different packaging.  You can find the lastest kits from Skillcraft at any large toy store or science museum gift shop.  The older kits from Renwal and Revell are considered collectibles, if the box is in good shape.  You can find these for auction at eBay.  Just do a search for "visible man" or "visible woman".

A Revell kit assembled in 1981.

1960 - Renwal Kits

1960 - Renwal Store Displays

1977 - Revell Kits

1994 - Skilcraft Kits

Updated January 20, 2004