2006  -  Conference Paper's Extracts
The official language of the conference is the Hungarian but some lectures are available in English language too.
Lectures are available by clicking on its title or the language code.

Rev.Dr. Deák István: The Love According the Masters Teaching     HU - CA


Fischer, Georg SJ: The Art of the Self-Love     DE - AT


Fuchs, Éva: My Mother     HU


Dr. Hogenová, Anna: The phenomenon of the Love     CZ


Hrkút, Ján: The dynamic aspect of the Contact of the Created Mercy and the Theological Love     SK


Mgr. Juhásová, Jana: The Fragile Symmetry of the marriage Love     SK


Rev.Dr. Juhász László SJ: The Loves of Human of God and The Loves of God of Human     HU - US


Dr. Mester B. Fiore: The Psychological Factors of the Love     HU - CA


Rev.Dr. Nemesszeghy Ervin SJ: Friendship with God - Friendship with Humans     HU


Pattery, George: Love and justice     HU


Rev. Pettipas, Gerry C.Ss.R.: The Family as a School of Love     HU


Prassl, Friedrich: The weight of the soul is the love     DE - AT


ThDr. Skoblík, Jiří: The Layers of the Love     CZ


Sočufka, František SJ: The main Ideas of the “Deus Caritas Est”     SK


Szebenyi, Andrew SJ: Analysis of the Encyclical, God is Love     HU - CA


Szilvássy, Gábor: The Unity and Complexity of Our Love Concept     HU - CA


Ugray, Ildikó: Reflection About Some Faces from The Many Faces of Love     HU - CA


Vad, Erzsébet: Self-knowledge and God's love     HU


Varga, Győző: Meditation about Love     HU


Varga, Ilona: Statue     HU