Pleasant Top" on Bequia is FOR SALE

An exceptional Bequia property situated at the top of Belmont Hill on Bequia Island, overlooking all of Admiralty Bay, Lower Bay, Port Elizabeth and significant parts of Spring, Industry and Park Estates, with views to the north beyond Bequia of most of St. Vincent down to the waterfront at Kingstown (9 miles away), a view to the west south west to Pigeon (Ramier) Island and a bit of Isle a Quatre. There is no other Bequia location to compare.

The house was designed to take best advantage of the exceptional site. The building is a modern concrete block and plaster gabled open concept construction, providing a 70 foot long 12 foot wide verandah overlooking the yacht harbour from the brow of the hill. On the main floor, there are two large bedrooms, both with ceiling fans (air conditioning really not needed). We have the advantage of being 630 feet above sea level which means temperatures at Pleasant Top are normally 2ºF/1ºC lower than at shore level and being on top of the hill we usually have better moderation from the breezes available. The master bedroom has a firm queen sized bed and includes a full ensuite bath with shower, double sinks and heavy duty automatic washing machine. Between the second bedroom which has a firm queen size bed and the main entry, there is a second bathroom which also includes a shower and sink. The third bedroom with queen size bed and bathroom including shower are in the lower level 'apartment'. All windows have screens. All rooms have ceiling fans and there are a few floor fans too. We findthere is no real need for air conditioning that would isolate you from the natural beauty surrounding the house. We do not hesitate to leave all doors open during the day to allow that feeling of living in the open air. Just close them and use the screened ones during the evening and night to keep out the flying insect populace attracted by lights. When dining on the verandah in the evening (which we always do), we turn on the furthest away outdoor strong lights to keep flying pests away from the verandah dining area. It works well. The main level kitchen-dining area is 9' by 23' with generous counter top area and cupboards, ceramic stovetop and dishwasher as well as a generous complement of small appliances. There is also a small basic galley kitchen 8' x 8' in the lower level 'apartment'.


Outdoor living is the norm and we find we usually dine on the verandah with the delightful ambience of the shimmering harbour or stunning sunsets. The property really is one of the most comfortable and romantic spots on the island.

The main level interior is about 1,380 sq. ft., with 950 sq. ft. of finished and tiled verandah, patio and deck space and a garage/workshop of 200 sq.ft.. On the lower level reached by full exterior stairways at each end of the main building are, the pump room of 80 sq. ft. at one end, then 3 water cisterns and at the other end, a 440 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment including kitchenette, bathroom with shower and living area looking out over a private 200 sq. ft. raised patio, to Port Elizabeth, Spring and St. Vincent. Beside the upper patio, there is a 14'x 9' pool with about 100 sq. ft. of stone surround for that lazy lounging in the sun or shade, your choice, with or without a nice cool drink, to take in the tropic gardens, mahogany grove or captivating Admiralty Bay view. There is even an outdoor shower by the pool to rinse off the sand after those return trips from the beach or just to get a quick rinse down.

The main level central living room area has two adjacent sets of French glass paned doors opening to the covered verandah area offering a magnificent view over the harbour. The gable vault covers the whole living area offering a stunning sight on entry to the building through the main door from the driveway. It is designed to optimize air circulation throughout the building. The main floor of the building is handicapped accessible with a small manageable lip at each door entry. The roof beams, exposed from within, are varnished Trinidad teak showing dramatically and tastefully against white painted roof decking underlay.

The floors throughout the main level are tiled with reddish earthtone fine-finished Spanish tiles which also extend to cover all verandah, entry and patio surfaces except the stone lower level patio. The lower apartment has a lovely pinkish ceramic tile floor. The roof edge around the entire building is trimmed with white painted gingerbread which was patterned after trim found on a home more than one hundred years old demolished at Princess Margaret beach during the 1980's.

There are two double louvred door closets in each main level bedroom and a third in the guest room for linen storage. There is a large hall closet for cleaning materials and tool storage.

There is an extra large water tank system of about 40,000 imperial gallons. The water system is fully pressurized. The water heating system is a double panelled solar heater with 80 gallon insulated reservoir and pressure relief valve. There is a 300 gallon roof top emergency water reservoir in case of a central power failure. There is a large load central electric power converter providing 120 volt 50 cycle for North American appliances throughout the building and garage along with the local 220 volt 50 cycle UK compatible system.

There is an inground freeform pool about 14' x 9' (4' deep) with nice outdoor shower and stone pool surround for lounging both in sun and shade just off the open patio at the west end of the building main level next to the mahogany grove.

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The land is fertile producing, mangos, sappodillas, limes, soursop, papayas (pawpaw?), several varieties of banana, an exceptional variety of croton, hibiscus and bougainvillea, oleander, bamboo and many varieties of succulents. There are Bequia apple and grapefruit trees. The mahogany tree grove is the parent source for all mahogany on the island. The principal mango tree is more than 170 years old and produces prodigiously, offering a seventy foot diameter umbrella of shade.

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When we are not there, the gate is usually latched to keep out goats, so if you really want to see it when we are not in residence. Please call or email Russ or Lois direct at the numbers below for information on the property including in particular any questions on purchase of the property.

Bequia is one of the few Caribbean islands to offer the tranquility of the "Old Caribbean". It is one of the most welcoming small communities in the region providing sufficient restaurant and entertainment options of a small island nature where relating to your neighbours and those you meet each day on your walks over the island provide lasting relationships and memories to comfort you over the years. There are no casinos, no big hotels, no mass tourism but lots of enchanting beaches, local spots of interest, walking paths galore, natural beauty with the breathtaking Tobago Cays and La Soufriere Volcano a day trip away, even Mustique, the isle of the Rich and Famous is only 6 miles across the channel for a day trip and picnic on Isle a Quatre an experience to savour for a lifetime. At Pleasant Top getting off the verandah or pool deck with it's awesome enveloping view can be the most difficult part of your stay at Pleasant Top where relaxation is the raison d'être. All the basic essentials are available on the property to make your stay the envy of your circle. It is not the plastic atmosphere of the ultra-rich but the enveloping comfort sought through a lifetime of dedicated effort. It is rare that one comes to Bequia or Pleasant Top only once.

The snorkeling all round Bequia is fantastic, likely the best in the Caribbean on balance. There are excellent dive shops just a 10 minute walk down the hill at the Admiralty Bay shore and places to rent windsurfers, bicycles, scooters, cars, SUVs, kayaks, small sailing craft, fishing and yacht charter operations as well as tennis courts. One of the real treats available is a day trip with one of the local day sailors to snorkel Tobago Keys or Mustique 'isle of the rich and famous' or to the falls of Baleine with stopoffs to snorkel a bat cave and reefs on the leeward coast of St. Vincent. There is body surfing on windy days at deserted Hope Beach with nary a soul in sight. Or, just hang out at Ravine Bay, Lower Bay, Princess Margaret Beach, Friendship Bay or the castaway island idyl Crescent Beach where there are just enough creature comforts to make it close to perfect. You can try to swim with manta rays off Adams Beach out by the airport too as some of our guests have done. For the less athletic, wander along the Admiralty Bay Belmont shore walkway, shop or relax with a drink and meet the world with new yachts arriving daily from everywhere. Will you have enough time to do it all?

There is only one problem for Pleasant Top guests and that is pulling themselves off the veranda or out of the pool to go do the activity thing. Relaxation is the ultimate!

If you just have to have a game of golf or get to a casino, there is always a daytrip available to the formerRaffles Resort & Golf Club on Canouan a 10 minute flight away from the Bequia airport (private charter only and $$$$ expensive). But at US$300 a round on one of the most enticing Jim Fazio designed courses. The cost is worse if you have to rent clubs too.

There are 'jump-ups' or entertainment each night, in-season, at one small intimate hotel or the other on Bequia so evenings are well covered. (There are no 'big' hotels on Bequia.) Trying each of the delightful character restaurants on Bequia is great entertainment too so don't miss them. Nice way to meet people.

Now if you really are restless and have to see it all, then a one hour ferry ride to mainland St. Vincent and a taxi tour around the island should eat into that itch for adventure. Have a look at what's just across the channel from Bequia in this YouTube video of St. Vincent.
And here's another more commercial effort from YouTube depicting St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The property is 30,818 sq. ft. with irregular boundaries specified on St. Vincent & the Grenadines Lands and Surveys Department Drawing # GR382 and is fully fenced and gated to preserve plant-life from foraging animals.

*Current* Site Plan - beqhprop.gif(15K)

For International flights travellers can check Bequia Tourism's website travel here page.

See Russ' SVG Places to stay for an overnight in Canouan or Russ' Barbados recommendations for an overnight in Barbados if the unforgivable of a late flight happens.

A 5 minute YouTube video of the Gardens at Pleasant Top.

5 minute YouTube video of Pleasant Top

Russell & Lois Filman
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summer residence: (May to mid-September )
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"Being a realist doesn't mean you can't follow your dreams"

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Our warmest regards,
Russ and Lois Filman

Now here's just the place to let those knots of hurly-burly tension melt away with a cool drink and a few sympathetic friends.

No problem, man!

Lower Bay, Bequia

or ..

. . . . just lounging away the day by the Pleasant Top pool

An article on Bequia by Nicholas J. Klenske, a freelance writer and lawyer, resident in Iowa USA.

A few comments from Pleasant Top Guests

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