Online Marketing Success with
Cash Rebates as Incentives

The first thing to get before you even start to build a list, is a good autoresponder like Norabots

Not only does it make list-building easy, it also pays you an Affiliate Commission of $6.42 each month for every person who tries out the system and keeps on using it.

Here's an example:

Norabots is one of the preferred autoresponders for many online marketers. With your membership, you receive unlimited autoresponder accounts. The affiliate program pays a nice recurring commission per month for every new customer you refer.

Here is how you apply a "Cash Rebate Incentive":

You offer to pay the first month's fees for anyone who signes up for Norabots through your affiliate link. If the customer stays for the next month, they pay and you earn your a commission.

You just get them to forward their receipt to you or your assistant. You can send them instant cash through PayPal, and if you really wanted to cover your butt, you could send them the cash after they make their first payment and you receive your second commission!

Here's why this particular strategy is so effective:

Very few people quit after the first month! Why? Firstly, because it is a very good system and offers quite a lot for a small fee. It would almost be foolish to cancel the darn thing because every netrepreneur needs a good auto responder anyway.

You can make Quick and Easy Money using Splash and Capture Pages tied to Norabots like in these examples here ...
Secondly, most of the members will end up joining your affiliate programs and promoting them. If they refer a few members, then their own monthly fee is canceled out in commissions. So, why would they quit something that isn't costing them anything ... on the contrary, it just adds an extra cash flow to the bottom line which can grow quite nicely over time all on it's own!

Finally, and most importantly, it's too much trouble to switch. They have their autoresponder messages imported into the system, and they have leads subscribed to their mailing lists. Once I let you copy a few of my more successful emails and you have input your subscription forms on a few of your web pages, like in these examples above, it would be a big hassle to move all of it to some other system, and it would be darn near insane to simply cancel the account and lose it all, including the recurring income which is sure to grow over time.

So, they stay ... and you have income coming in, month after month!

Just try Norabots for a while - you'll enjoy all the support I'll be able to offer you on top of it all.

To your success,

Franto Hruz

Toronto, Ont. Canada
Tel. 416 424-1895

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