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Two Months
Father's Day with Grandpa Moose. Riva, Jonathon, David and Maria visit Ottawa.

june_04-01 Gay and Moose with Morgan. june_04-02 Nana Gay and Morgan. june_04-03 Grandpa Moose and Morgan. june_04-04 My Jean Coveralls. june_04-05 Grandma Black with Morgan. june_04-06 Snore. june_04-07 Asleep again. june_04-08 june_04-09 Hello! june_04-10 Mom and a smiling Morgan. june_04-11 Blowing a bubble. june_04-12 Zzzzzz. june_04-13 Burp. june_04-14 Morgan in her toy jungle june_04-15 So small june_04-16 june_04-17 Granny and Morgan june_04-18 Infant Massage Class june_04-19 Morgan enjoys a massage from Daddy june_04-20 Morgan in her Long Johns on Fathers Day june_04-21 june_04-22 Nana Gay and Morgan on Fathers Day june_04-23 Morgan all dressed up for Fathers Day june_04-24 The Whole Family june_04-25 Fathers Day at Grandpa Moose's place june_04-26 All the kids and Grand kids (except for Shawn) june_04-27 Grandpa Moose and Nana