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First Month
Morgan Arrives...

00-web-02 At the nursery. 01-web-05 At the nursery #2. 03-web-03 Mommy and Morgan in Recovery Room. 04-web-04 First good look at Mommy. 05-web-06 First Family Photo 10-web-13 Grandpa and Grandma visit! 11-web-14 Mommy and Baby. 12-web-15 Nap time with Dad. 13-web-5 Morgan and Grannie! 40-web-11 Tad and Morgan. 41-web-12 Laura, Grant and Morgan. web-1 Two sleepy heads. web-01 web-2 Car seat. web-3 Car seat #2. web-4 Burp. web-07 Snoozing. web-08 Burp (again). web-09 What a cutie! web-10 web-16 Zzzzz. web-17 Little Angel.